Women’s Hall of Fame

Save the Date!  2019 Garrett County Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Brunch:
Saturday, May 4, 2019 at Dutch’s at Silver Tree

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11:00 Registration
11:30 Welcome
11:45 Brunch
12:20 Program

We’ll have the induction of the 2019 Garrett County Women’s Hall of Fame awardees, plus the new “Woman of Tomorrow” award, as well as scholarships.  All at a fantastic venue with delicious food!  

Mark your calendar to join us as we celebrate the 2019 Scholarship Recipients at the Garrett County Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Brunch will be held Saturday, May 4, at Dutch’s at Silver Tree.

The GCCW will offer up to five, $500 scholarships this year. In addition, we’re administering the Maureen R. Sharps Scholarship again in 2019. The Garrett County Commission for Women has established a Woman of Tomorrow award to honor an extraordinary young woman who has demonstrated a commitment to leadership, community service and academic excellence. A young woman in Garrett County in grades 7 through 12 can be honored.

2018 Hall of Fame:

Thanks to all who attended our 2018 Garrett County Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Breakfast held Saturday, April 7, 9:30 to 12:30 at Dutch’s at Silver Tree.

The Garrett County Women’s Hall of Fame was established through the efforts of the Garrett County Commission for Women. Its purpose is to honor local women who have made substantial or outstanding contributions to the economic, political, and cultural life of Garrett County. The Garrett County Women’s Hall of Fame is held annually. The purpose is to recognize and honor Garrett County Women who have participated in shaping of the County.

Up to three women will be inducted each year. Both historical and contemporary women are eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame. These women represent the past, present and future vision of Garrett County.

2018 Garrett County Women’s Hall of Fame Inductees Announced! (Click here for more information)

Melissa Rank
Caroline Blizzard
Dr. Dana McCauley

Previous Hall of Fame Inductees:

2018 Caroline Blizzard
Dr. Dana McCauley
Melissa Rank
2017 Carol A. Gregg
Dr. Brenda McCartney
Ruth Hinebaugh Umbel
2016 Evelyn L. Heise*
Louella Hinebaugh
Mercedes Pellet
2015 Brenda F. McDonnell
Karen Myers
Hannah W. Sincell
2014 Brenda S. Brosnihan
Nancy K. Leary*
2013 Donna Broadwater
Jeanette Ruby Fitzwater
Pat White-Moore
2012 Linda Fike
Grace Jones*
Marilyn Moors*
2011 Betty Ellington
Carolyn Ganoe
2010 Debra Friend
Helen Harman*
Gail N. Herman
2009 Virginia Grove
Henrietta Lease
Linda M. Buckel
2008 Helen Earles
Charlotte A. Sebold
Donna McClintock Fost
2007 Patience Williams Grant*
Helen Louise Harned Kahl*
Sheryl MacLane
2006 Peggy Jamison
Mary E. Mosser*
Lorilla B. Tower*
2005 Susan Athey-Oxford
Cleda Baker*
Linda Fleming Glotfelty
2004 Bea Crosco*
Mildred Dunbar
Mary Jones*
2003 Joan B. Crawford*
Barbara B. Flinn
Mary Ellen Lichty
2002 Beverly Beard
Patricia A. Bowser
Mary M. Strauss*
2001 Dorothy B. Leighton*
Phyllis Trickett
2000 Alice Hevner
Nelle Stemple*
1999 Roberta Anderson
Ruth DiPaolo*
Mary Love*
1998 Jane Avery*
Martha Glotfelty*
1997 Edith Brock*
Brenda Butscher
1996 Martha Jachowski*
Alta E. Schrock*
1995 Polly J. Hanst*
Wilda W. Massi*
Ruth H. Ryan*

* Deceased