Minutes December 3, 2019

The December 3, 2019 meeting of the Garrett County Commission for Women was called to order at 5:05 P.M. by Chair Lisa Thayer Welch. Also present were Erin-Ruth Natividad, Linda Carr, Sadie Liller, and Caroline Blizzard. Guests Melita Friend and Julie Sanders were in attendance.

A Moment of Silence was acknowledged The Pledge of Allegiance followed.

Secretary’s Report: No report other than the presentation of Minutes from the October 1, 2009 Meeting as prepared by Erin-Ruth Natividad.

Treasurer’s Report: Linda Carr reported a beginning balance of $6,157.20. The County Commissioner approved funding for FY 2020 was received and deposited. Donation was received of $25.00. The annual MLAW Membership payment in the amount of $75.00 was made. The account balance is $6,182.20.

Old Business:

1. Hall of Fame Plaque- Lisa Welch identified the previous Hall of Fame plaque is running out of space. Current question is to see if one of the schools or a local artesian could affordably get this project done for the Commission. An official decision will be made at the next meeting regarding whether or not groups of 3  or individuals, and therefore then determine how big of a plaque would be needed for the project. Lisa Welch suggested taking the previous plaque and using it for the Woman of Tomorrow Plaque. Not enough individuals were in attendance to vote. Sadie Liller identified action needed to take place. It was decided an email vote will take place.

2. Commissioner appointment (Erin-Ruth Natividad) and re-appointments (Kristal Huber and Maureen Sheaffer)

Committee Reports:

1. Hall of Fame- Cheryl Deberry sent a GoogleForm Document via email December 3, 2019 to allow all Commission Members access. Lisa Welch sent save the dates to County Commissioners, Senator Edwards and Delegate Beitzel, and it was noted Cheryl Deberry also sent a list to dignitaries. Erin-Ruth Natividad identified she would be making publicity/promotional/hype videos to excite the public for this event and also highlight the need for nominations, etc. Linda Carr said she would be in contact with Simon Pierce. It was identified that it would be a good idea to sell advertisement space in the programs to raise some funds. Voting on advertisement will take place at the next meeting. Name tags will need to be ordered for new members.

2. Scholarship- Lisa Welch identified 5 scholarships will be given for $500 each.

3. Legislation- Linda Carr forwarded the Presentation of Legislative Proposals for the 2020 Legislative Agenda via email on November 27, 2019. See New Business Number 6.

4. Public Relations- Cheryl Deberry  was not in attendance.

5. Membership- Rachel Bruch was not in attendance. Sadie Liller brought 2 guests to the meeting.

6. Historian- Rose Gordy was not in attendance.

7. By-Laws- Maureen Sheaffer was not in attendance.

8. Community Service- Linda Carr is looking for volunteers for GEMS and speakers and relatable topics for the middle and  high school levels. She requested that anyone who is able to speak on a relatable topic reach out to her.

New Business:

1. Election Of Secretary- Erin-Ruth Natividad identified she would be willing to serve in this capacity; however, the vote was tabled to next meeting due to lack of quorum. A quorum was not present at this meeting. Voting will be done via email.

2. Bank Account Signatory- Linda Carr made a request that another commission member be made a signatory on the account  at BB&T as Sherri Fredlock is no longer is in membership. Voting will be done at the next meeting. Erin-Ruth Natividad identified she could send in this capacity. Voting will be done via email.

3. Lisa Welch identified  at the October 1, 2019 meeting an update of our strategic plan is needed. Linda Carr identified how the strategic plan had been updated in the past. Strategic Planning Priorities will be addressed February 15, 2020 9AM until around 2PM, location will be announced. Included in the agenda will be membership growth/membership plan as requested by both Sadie Liller and Erin-Ruth Natividad, and events such as Women’s Equity Day August 22, 2020. Linda Carr will contact GIEC for room reservation.

4. Pam Trickett has submitted a resume for voting. Resume was forwarded to Commission Members December 3, 2019 by Linda Carr via email. Resumes for Julie Sanders and Melita Friend will be submitted for voting at the next meeting.

5. It was identified it would be great to get one of the local women school principals in GCCW membership. Erin-Ruth Natividad identified she would reach out to Dr. Nicole Miller, principal of Southern Garrett High School.

6. MLAW Proposal Voting- It was identified at the November 23, 2019 Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women Event that there are legislative proposals for the 2020 Legislative Session that need voted on. 19 Proposals were presented for Commission voting. December 6 is the cutoff and Linda has requested that everyone send her top 3 picks by Friday, December 6, 2019. 

7. Girl Scouts- Krystal Huber identified, via email December 3, 2019, Girl Scout Troop 55004 out of 8. Attendance to the meetings has been low, and it was identified that our voting has been stalled due to lack of quorum, as well as Commission progress. It was identified it would be nice to be able to have video conferencing for those who cannot be in attendance due to travel or illness. Erin-Ruth Natividad identified she would set up a Zoom Meeting Video Conference for the February 4, 2020 meeting. Instructions on how to log-in to the Zoom Meeting will be sent to Commission Members prior to the February 4, 2020 meeting.  Texting reminder software will also be set-up. Important Commission dates for 2020 will be sent via email so that members can mark their calendars.

9.  Caroline Blizzard thought it is a good idea for the Commission to be present at the STEM for Girls Program on March 28, 2020.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 P.M. The next meeting is Tuesday, February 4, 2020 from 5 to 6:30 P.M.

Submitted by,

Erin-Ruth Natividad